Quick Answer: How Do You Use Downside In A Sentence?

What is another word for upside?

What is another word for upside?advantagebenefitperkmeritgainbonusgodsendvirtueprofitgood136 more rows.

What does upside mean?

potential increase in valueUpside refers to the potential increase in value, measured in monetary or percentage terms, of an investment. … A higher upside means that the stock has more value than is currently reflected in the stock price.

What does upside and downside mean?

Downside is the potential negative movement, while downside risk looks to quantify that potential move. For the most part, the higher the downside potential the greater the upside potential. This goes back to the idea of the higher the risk, the higher the reward. Upside is the positive move in an asset price.

What are the example of harmful substances?

Examples of harmful substances are: Expired food and drugs; expired food and drinks that has stayed beyond the appropriate time. Impure water; impure water is dirty water that is not fit for the body system. Unripe fruits; fruits that is not yet due for eating. Infested food.

What does benefit mean in English?

1a : something that produces good or helpful results or effects or that promotes well-being : advantage discounted prices and other benefits of a museum membership The benefits outweigh the risks of taking the drug. reaping the benefits of their hard work changes that will be to your benefit.

What is upside and downside risk?

Some investments have a finite amount of downside risk, while others have infinite risk. … Investors often compare the potential risks associated with a particular investment to its possible rewards. Downside risk is in contrast to upside potential, which is the likelihood that a security’s value will increase.

What does upside down mean?

1 : in such a way that the upper and the lower parts are reversed in position. 2 : in or into great disorder turned their world upside down.

What are examples of harmful?

The definition of harmful is something that causes damage or is able to be hurtful. A chemical that causes you to become sick is an example of a chemical that would be described as harmful.

How do you use harmful in a sentence?

Harmful sentence examplesThe Egyptian rule proved harmful to the country. … The ordinary pleasures of life were for them not merely negligible but positively harmful inasmuch as they interrupted the operation of the will. … And most of them are harmful, especially the women.More items…

What is a good sentence for interfere?

1. The authorities did not interfere with us. 2. Don’t interfere in what doesn’t concern you.

What is the opposite of downside?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of a disadvantage suffered as the result of an action or situation. advantage.

What is another word for downside?

What is another word for downside?disadvantagedrawbackminussnagproblemtroublecatchcomplicationdifficultydisbenefit232 more rows

What is harmful material?

Many materials or substances used or created at work could harm your health. These substances could be dusts, gases or fumes that you breathe in, or liquids, gels or powders that come into contact with your eyes or skin.

What is a downside?

1 : a downward trend (as of prices) 2 : a negative aspect the downside of fame.