Quick Answer: How Do You Take Care Of Expensive Sunglasses?

Can you use Windex on sunglasses?

We recommend drying your lenses with a soft lint-free cloth.

If the lenses need a more thorough cleaning, rinse first with water and then clean by hand with a small amount of liquid dish soap.

DO NOT clean your lenses with Windex or other chemicals, as these products may damage the material or coating of the lenses..

How do you store your sunglasses yourself?

Make a fast and easy sunglasses holder using a usual picture frame and some wire. Attach wire to the frame and hang the sunglasses – voila! The look and size of the frame is up to you, and this holder can be moved anywhere you need.

How do you maintain sunglasses?

5 handy tips to maintain your glasses and sunglassesRinse with water. Never should you wipe your glasses with a cloth whilst they are dry. … Store appropriately. To prevent unnecessary damage to glasses, keep them stored in a safe place when not in use. … Keep away from excessive heat. … Regular maintenance. … Don’t adjust through the nose piece!

What is the best thing to clean sunglasses with?

Clear dishwashing soap (such as Dawn) works best. Soap removes body oil not only from the lenses, but from the nose pads, hinges, and screws. Don’t forget these areas when cleaning, because body oil can loosen them and cause future breakage.

How do I keep my sunglasses clean?

For optimum performance, rinse your sunglasses daily in warm water. Use a mild liquid dish soap to wash each lens surface if necessary. Dry using a clean, soft, absorbent cloth. Do not use paper-based products to clean your lenses.

Why are my glasses always smudged?

Glasses also get dirty if you have a tendency to have oily skin, dry flaky skin, if you wear make-up, or if you use moisturiser on your face or hands. … Dust can build up on your glasses overnight. Monitor it, you will be surpised. Some of this natural daily debris is going to appear on your glasses.

Is it bad to put sunglasses on your head?

The Shape Gets Distorted When you keep on swooshing sunglasses on top of your head, the temples of your shades gets loose and slips off quite often.

Is it rude to wear sunglasses while talking to someone?

First of all, it is totally disrespectful, but common sense would also tell the wearer, it is difficult to see inside without removing them and therefore, one could easily trip and fall. How embarrassing that would be. Secondly, it is extremely rude to carry on a conversation with anyone wearing sunglasses indoors.

Where should I keep my sunglasses?

How to Wear Sunglasses When You’re Not Wearing Them…Secure them On Your Head. Keeping your sunglasses on your head seems to be the natural thing to do for most people. … Hang them On Your Shirt / Top. Another easy way to store your shades quickly when you don’t need them for vision is to hook them onto your shirt or top. … Use a Lanyard. … Use a Neck Strap.

Can you use hand sanitizer on your glasses?

An anti-bacterial hand sanitiser will help to rid your glasses of potentially harmful surface particles, as it would your hands. But, do avoid contact with your glasses’ lenses, as some ingredients may affect the quality of the lens’ surface.

Can you use alcohol wipes on polarized sunglasses?

Avoid detergents or fabric softeners with harsh chemicals. Use a lens cleaner for stubborn smudges. … That includes polarization, mirrored lens coatings, and others like anti-glare, anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. Look for a cleaner with a pH balance between 5.5 and 8, and don’t use any cleaners that contain alcohol.

Can I clean my glasses with alcohol wipes?

Do not use rubbing alcohol to disinfect your glasses. Avoid using household cleaners or products with high concentrations of acid. Clean your glasses with a gentle dish soap and lukewarm water, or lens wipes. Dry your glasses with a microfiber cloth to prevent smudging and scratching.