Question: What Is Another Name For Rash?

What is a rash decision?

Rash decisions are decisions that we make in the spur of the moment, often without being in possession of all of the facts.

They are the opposite of balanced decisions, and they are often made without considering the consequences of our choices, and any long-term outcomes..

How do you define a rash?

1 : an eruption on the body. 2 : a large number of instances in a short period a rash of complaints.

Is it rash or brash?

Brash suggests impetuousness of an unrestrained, tactless, or impudent kind. To call someone rash, on the other hand, suggests that the person is overhasty, and acts before there has been time to consider consequences. Rash decisions are usually ill-judged.

Which word is most similar to rash?

Some common synonyms of rash are adventurous, daredevil, daring, foolhardy, reckless, and venturesome.

What’s another word for irritated?

Some common synonyms of irritate are exasperate, nettle, peeve, provoke, and rile. While all these words mean “to excite a feeling of anger or annoyance,” irritate implies an often gradual arousing of angry feelings that may range from mere impatience to rage.

What is an antonym for rash?

rash. Antonyms: wary, cautious, calculating, discreet, unventuresome, dubitating, hesitating, reluctant, timid. Synonyms: headstrong, audacious, hasty, precipitate, reckless, foolhardy, careless, adventurous, thoughtless, indiscreet, venturesome, overventuresome, incautious, unwary, heedless.

Is rash short for irrational?

Making a ‘rash’ decision or an ‘irrational’ decision mean the same thing, even though rash sounds like ‘rational’ abbreviated : Showerthoughts.

What’s another word for skin rash?

Medical Definition of Rash Medically, a rash is referred to as an exanthem.

What is the symptoms of skin rashes?

SymptomsItchiness.Skin redness.Dry, scaly, or crusted skin that might become thick and leathery from long-term scratching.Formation of small, fluid-filled blisters that might ooze when scratched.Infection of the areas of broken skin.

How do you avoid getting a rash decision?

7 Ways To Stop Making Bad DecisionsSeek good information. Our decision-making is often influenced by information we get from external sources, including so-called experts. … Avoid common pitfalls. … Look at your history. … Check in with yourself. … Take care of yourself. … Make time to think. … Analyze well.

How do you use rash in a sentence?

“We all need to stop and think this through and not make any rash decisions,” I said. It was a rash thing to do. Look, if she did go and do something rash, we both know the jerk deserved it.

What’s another word for rude?

SYNONYMS FOR rude 1 uncivil, unmannerly, curt, brusque, impertinent, impudent, saucy, pert, fresh. 2 unrefined, uncultured, uncivilized, uncouth, coarse, vulgar, rough. 8 rustic, artless. 9 stormy, fierce, tumultuous, turbulent.

What is rash short for?

RASHAcronymDefinitionRASHRed and Anarchist Skin HeadsRASHRecreational Activity/Sport/HobbyRASHRead only, Archived, System, HiddenRASHRayek Admiration Society for Humans (online community)1 more row

What does a red rash mean?

One of the most common skin disorders that causes a rash is atopic dermatitis (ay-TOP-ik dur-muh-TI-tis), also known as eczema. Atopic dermatitis is an ongoing (chronic) condition that makes skin red and itchy. Most often it appears as patches on the hands, feet, ankles, neck, upper body and limbs.